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Document Library of the LIRMM

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Get access to the Document Library containing 3,000 works, more than 2,300 Conference Proceedings including links to Full Text, 1,000 theses et 190 paper journals. For lending terms, contact Isabelle Gouat.

Document Index

Documents are indexed as follows: see the classification

Reserving Documents

The document you seek is on PMB but is not available currently: reserve it by clicking here.

Electronic Resources

Conference CD-ROMs

Accéder aux CD-ROM des conférences classés en :

  • Computer Science
  • Microelectronics
  • Robotics

 CNRS Electronic Resources

BibCnrs offers a unique interface to the entire CNRS scientific community, and gives each of the 10 institutes its own space specifically dedictated to its discipline(s). (This resource does not replace older platforms, such as BiblioST2I, BiblioVIE, etc.)

Users can retrieve login IDs and connect via CNRS Janus*.

*Janus is the CNRS Login ID provider for CRNS personnel to access applications such as Labintel, Agate…

 University of Montpellier Electronic Resources

Inter-Universitaire Library(Bibliothèque Inter-Universitaire, BIU).


BIU Access

(ex: IEEE)

* These resources are accessible via a LlRMM Terminal (IP numbe) or the Environnement Numérique de Travail (ENT). 


Purchasing Materials

Permanent Lab Members and PhD Students can make purchase requests for documents and works. Depending on your Lab affiliation, the purchased amount will be debited from either your Department (Robotics, Microelectronics) or Team (Computer Science) or Service Unit (Research Support, SI, etc.) account. Upon receipt by the Lab, the material will be forwarded to you and you will be registered as a borrower on the PMB site.

Procedure :

1. Select your reference here

2. Click here to order

Please notify the Library if you (the initial borrower) pass the material on to another borrower.

Inter-library borrowing requests (Prêts Entre Bibliothèques, PEB)

Click here to make a PEB Request

Browse through the national catalog Sudoc.


Below is a thematic list of various documentation information:

  • STI Monitoring
  • Netvibes - LIRMM InfoDoc  is a platform offering tab-based information.
  • Pearltrees is a free application giving access to ‘pearl-based’ information. Pearls may be links, documents, notes, etc. This creative nagivation interface is graphically and ergonomically pleasing and more fun than a traditional interface. Once installed, simply move a pearl or a subset of pearls into a pearltree.
  • Status of Research in France:


Contact Isabelle Gouat for all training requests.

Topics offered:

  • Hal and open archives
  • Netvibes for Researchers
  • Pearltrees for Researchers
  • Web of Knowledge, Web of Science
  • Organiser your ideas with MindMapping / Heuristic Maps

LIRMM Publications

Over the entire course of your LIRMM membership, your are required to register ALL your publications (including thesis and Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches, HDR) on the Hal-Lirmm open archive. You must specify your affiliation (= to a LIRMM research Team or just to LIRMM).

So that all bibliography references can be properly validated, it is critical that you use the LIRMM Portal (portail du LIRMM). Failure to so might generate invalid items (laboratories, journals, affiliations, etc.) or duplicates in the database. Furthermore, if your affiliation is incorrectly registered, your publication will not be featured in the LIRMM collections.

Several collections (partial database views) have been created for the Lab:

- The LIRMM collection comprises all the Lab’s publications;

- The Team Collections comprise all the publications in HAL organized by research Teams. At least one of the authors must belong to a LIRMM research team. If the authors are affiliated to the Lab but not assigned to a team, their publications will not be listed in the Team Collections, but in the HAL-LIRMM portal. Au moins un des auteurs doit être affilié à une équipe de recherche du LIRMM. If none of the authors are affiliated with the Lab or assigned to a LIRMM Team, their publications will be listed in the generic Hal. Therefore, to optimize Lab publications, it is preferable to group them in one of the collections.

Non-team personnel can find their publications by searching directly by author on the LIRMM portal.

Additional help (in French): 

Table of publications from 2013 to 2019, listed par Team, Year, and document type.
Count by Team, Department and Lab.

Open Science


Intellectual Property Rights – Copyright

(in French)

Theses (PhD Students)

Since January 1st, 2014, the time limits for uploading Appendices (Annexes) are:
- Annexe A: 8 weeks
- Annexe B: 4 weeks

Thesis Cover models according to the Doctoral School (Ecole Doctorale)’s requirements:


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