PhD Students

Doctorate Studies

The LIRMM works in close collaboration with I2S, the University of Montpellier Doctoral School (Information, Structures, Systems). A vast majority of I2S Doctoral candidates specializing in Computer Science and SyAM (Automatic and Microelectronics Systems) are welcomed each year and join the ranks of LIRMM teams, thereby injecting new research energy into our projects.

Doctoral School Computer Science Program Manager: Marianne Huchard – LIRMM

Doctoral School Robotics and Microelectronic Systems (SyAM) Manager: Didier Crestani – LIRMM

Welcome and Integration Follow-up

A ‘Welcome PhDs’ day is held each November for new Lab members arriving before or on that date. For other arrivals throughout the year, two LIRMM Reception/Administration personnel provide specific assistance doctoral students:

  • Najima Maatoug and Gwladys Imbert
    • Reception / Switchboard
    • Computer Accounts of new Lab members
    • Declaration of foreign (outside the EU) Staff and Students
    • Assistance to interns for administrative procedures (agreements and gratifications)
  • Secretaries:

Caroline Lebrun (Microelectronics)
Nadine Jacquet (Computer Science & Robotics, building 5)
Nicolas Serrurier (Computer Science & Robotics, building 4)

    • Reception/ Switchboard
    • Computer accounts of new Lab members
    • Declaration of foreign (outside the EU) Staff and Students

The LIRMM offers foreign students the opportunity to study French as a Foreign Language.

The PhD Council

The PhD Council is the representative body for doctoral students within the Lab.

The PhD Council is composed of:

  • Representatives of the PhD students from the LIRMM’s three Departments
  • PhD students who are elected and appointed to the Lab Council

The PhD Council main mission is to provide a link between the Executive Team and the doctoral students; it manages PhD student events within the Lab.

Contact : The PhD Council

PhD Student Life

Various weekly activities are organized to facilitate internal cohesion and exchange among doctoral students.

Each year, in November, the Lab holds a ‘Welcome PhDs’ day to present the governing bodies. In the afternoon, new doctoral students attend activities organized by the PhD Council.

Last update on 18/12/2019