AI Algorithm Data Software Platform

The AIADS Platform houses software designed by the LIRMM’s various Computer Science teams in the following domains:

- Artificial Intelligence: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

- Mathematical computation and parallel computing

- Data mining and visualization

AI Software

COGUI is written in Java. It allows the development of graph-based knowledge bases.

GRAAL is a Java toolbox dedicated to the storage and interrogation of knowledge bases in the framework of existential rules with the Datalog +/- language.

AOC poset builder is a classification tool written in Java, and is also available online. It is used to build AOC posets (or Galois Sub-hierarchies), which are sub-structures of the Galois concept lattice.

IBEX is a C ++ library for processing constraints on real numbers.

QUACQ is an active learning tool (QUick ACQuisition). It can learn network constraints by proposing partial assignments which the user must validate.

DisChoco is a Java library platform for Distributed Constraint Reasoning (DCR).

MaDKit is a multi-agent development platform written in Java. MaDKit is designed to build distributed applications and simulations using multi-agent functionalities.

TurtleKit is a Java library developed for the simulation of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS).

Algorithmic Software

LinBox is a high-performance library for exact linear algebra.

FFLAS-FFPACK is a set of linear algebra operations for finite fields.

Cado-NFS is a C/C++ implementation of the Number Field Sieve (NFS) algorithm for factoring integers and computing discrete logarithms in finite fields.

SageMath is a free, open-source mathematics software system.

Mathemagix is a free algrebra and analysis system.

Givaro is a C++ library for arithmetic and algebraic computations.

OMSMO is designed for oriented matroids in transdisciplinary applications.

CGPE is a code generator for the evaluation of polynomials.

PerPI is an analysis and performance measurement tool for intruction-level parallelism.

Traitement d'images is a set of open-access software systems for online image processing. d'images en ligne.

Data Mining Software

Jeux De Mots is an online software system designed to build a vast lexical and semantic network of the French language. It includes several GWAPs (Games With A Purpose) and human-contribution environments.

Plant Game is a participatory game aimed at producing large amounts of taxonomic data to improve our knowledge of biodiversity. The interest of the game is twofold: 1) to foster, train in or perfect the study of botany while having fun (based on skills development); and 2) to participate in a large-scale science project on biodiversity.

AgroPortal et BioPortal are agronomic and biological ontology portals that allow researchers to upload, browse and download ontologies, as well as annotate texts from these ontologies or create maps between them.

Yam++ is an ontology alignment tool.

Grail offers a set of theorem demonstrators for modern logical grammars. It includes a broad spectrum analyzer specialized in the French language, as well as demonstrators of generalist theorems for designing natural language grammars.


Technical Manager, AI Software : Alain GUTIERREZ

Technical Manager, Algorithmic Software : Cyril BOUVIER

Technical Manager, Data Mining Software : Joel MAIZI

The Platform’s computers are administered by the LIRMM’s Network Services (Service Réseaux).

Last update on 04/11/2019