ATGC BioInformatics Platform

IBiSA-Certified in 2010, the ATGC Platform is financed through Projets d'Investissement d'Avenir (French Government Research and Education long-term investment programs), such as: IFB (Institut Français de Bioinformatique), France Génomique, and Labex NUMEV. The platform is backed by LIRMM’s the MAB (Méthodes et Algorithmes pour la Bioinformatique) Team, and also benefits from research performed by the IBC (Institut de Biologie Computationelle).

Its three-pronged goal is: 1) to popularize bioinformatics tools designed by the Montpellier research community; 2) to foster collaborative projects between computer scientists and biologists; and 3) to support these researchers by providing them with bioinformatics services directly related to their work.


The Plaform’s software tools are available online and free of charge. They can be downloaded/executed on LIRMM clusters. They enjoy significant international traction: PhyML software (developed within the MAB teal and categorized a « Current Classic » since October 2007 by Science Watch) has been cited more than 15,000 times (in Web of Science).


Technical Manager : Vincent LEFORT

Scientific Managers : Stéphane GUINDON and Eric RIVALS

The Bioinformatics Platform is administered by LIRMM’s Network Services (Service Réseaux).

Last update on 13/01/2020